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Keep your Palram greenhouse plants properly hydrated with this drip irrigation kit. It distributes water evenly and eliminates sediments from the fluid. Installation and deployment is a breeze, and your plants will flourish as a result.

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Drip Irrigation

Helps to save water as it is a more efficient way to deliver the water to the plants. In addition this method help to grow healthier plants.


  • Pressure regulator and filter system – Sealed regulating unit reduces water pressure
    through irrigation hose and removes sediments from water
  • Dripping Regulator – creates an equal and controlled dispersal of water in all droppers
  • Keeps plants healthier
  • Easy to set up and use
  • Includes:
    • 10 m drip lines
    • 16 droppers
    • 3/4″ adapter
    • 4 T connectors, 4/6 mm

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