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Below appear frequently asked questions concerning the characteristics and usage of our products.
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Palram – Canopia kits are specifically designed for DIY assembly. Large products can usually be assembled by two handy people. Follow the assembly instructions carefully. Work gloves are strongly recommended when sliding panels. Always wear shoes and safety goggles when working with extruded aluminium.

Only specific kits are designed to be extended and only using designated Palram – Canopia extension kits. Extendable products are noted as such on our website at the product page’s Overview tab, as well as in the assembly instructions where the “Extendable Product” mark appear on the right bottom corner of the cover.

extendable product

Snow load and wind resistance appear on the assembly instructions’ cover page of every relevant product. Assembly instructions are supplied with each product and are also available for download from the respective product page.


The Palram - Canopia kits are designed as complete products and are not meant to be modified. Making modifications is solely at the customer’s responsibility and will void the warranty.

The stability and long-term usability of grounded products heavily rely on the preparation of a firm foundation for placement and fixing. Foundation must be level and sized to match the product’s dimensions with room to spare for access and ventilation. The lack of a firm foundation may result in product warping, window or door not closing properly, damaged frame and failing of the product in high winds and extreme weather conditions. The foundation must also be able to drain out the water to prevent stagnation and promotion of algae, insects etc. The surface must ba solid, such as concrete ground/slabs or asphalt. The screws and anchors must be compatible with surface type. A ground cover is highly recommended before installing any kind of foundation. If your site has high moisture content you will need to install a vapor barrier, a 6 mm black plastic.

Polycarbonates are a group of thermoplastic polymers. Their strength and toughness allows them to be used as either commodity and or engineering plastics. They have superior service temperature range, impact resistance and optical quality. For more information please refer to the “Why Polycarbonate?”

Polycarbonate inherently absorbs up to 100% of harmful UV radiation; it provides complete protection but in order to maintain its properties and integrity for many years it needs to be protected. Palram – Canopia Polycarbonate panels for exterior use have an embedded UV protective layer that must be installed outwards facing the sun. Twin-wall or multi-wall panels have a “This side out” marking (see attached example); please make sure you install them accordingly and remove the marking after installation.


Before installation, consider the car’s route into and out of the carport as well as your route from the car to your house and back. Mark the poles’ location on the ground and make sure the vehicle can safely enter the carport. This is very important when the entryway is curved. Make sure there is enough space for the carport itself. Walls, fences, balconies and trees could become obstacles. For complete Carports listing please visit our Carport page.

Yes, the carport can be re-located, even after installation and anchoring it at its final location. Please make sure you do so with at least 2 people.

The patio cover’s structure and design enables a flexible positioning of the poles and wall mounting plate; allowing you to set your required height at the wall connection, the distance from the house and between the poles at the front.

Unfortunately we don't do installation, however we know of few installers servicing Melbourne & Sydney areas, please see their details below.


Sagi - 0430 748 585
Paul - 0451 302 528 Sydney:


Frank - 0412 628 913
Zeina - 0499 007 004


*Please note we are not affiliated with this installers in any way so please do your own due diligence when contacting them.

Yes, once your payment is cleared and we inform you that the product is ready for pickup, you can collect it from the warehouse. Since most of the stock is stored in the Melbourne warehouse, we may need to transfer it to a warehouse closer to your location. The warehouses are located in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, and Adelaide. There is no cost associated with picking up the product from the warehouse.

Some of our products may require building and planning permissions, we recommend contacting your local council for information regarding council approval requirements. They will have the specific regulations and guidelines that apply to your area. Please note that we do not handle council approvals ourselves. However, we can assist you by providing the necessary documents such as the Engineering Certificate, calculations, and Assembly Instructions. To proceed, please email us to and tell us which product you are after and your location specifically state name (eg. NSW, VIC QLD etc), and we will be happy to provide you with the required documentation to support your council application.

We appreciate your interest in our products. While we do not offer trade discounts, as we have already set our prices at very competitive rates, we do consider offering discounts for large bulk orders on a case-by-case basis. The availability of such discounts depends on the specific product and quantity you require. If you have a bulk order in mind, please provide us with the details of the product and quantity needed, and we will be happy to discuss potential discounts with you.

Typically, we don't offer shipping to overseas due to the high shipping costs involved. Many customers prefer to purchase from local suppliers in overseas to avoid these additional expenses. However, if you would like us to provide a shipping quote to deliver the item to New Zealand, kindly provide us with your address.

Alternatively, if you have friends or relatives in Australia, you can place the order with us, and we will ship the item to your desired address within Australia and you can arrange your own shipping.

We specialise in selling & supply of pre-manufactured kits and unfortunately we do not provide installation or installation quotes ourselves. However, depending on your location, we may be able to recommend a local installer who can assist you with the installation and provide a quote for their services. To proceed with this, please provide us with your location, and we will do our best to assist you further.

The manufacturer specify for each kit the proper anchoring instructions for different type of ground such as concrete, deck, asphalt, pavers or solid ground, you can find the instructions on the assembly instructions that can be download from our website on each product page. Please follow the manufacturer instructions.

In case the kit arrived to you damaged, please contact as by email at as soon as possible and send a list of the damaged parts numbers (parts number can be found on the assembly instructions) with photos of the damaged parts so we can arrange for replacement parts to be shipped to you.

Before assembling the kit we recommend to go through the parts list and make sure all parts are present, in case of a missing part please start by checking all boxes carefully as in many cases the missing part is found in one of the boxes. In case you cant locate the part please contact us by email to as soon as possible with the missing part number so we can arrange for a replacement to be shipped to you.