Yukon Garden Shed 11×9′ | Palram – Canopia

The ultimate and most practical shed, for storing and organising your car or backyard’s equipment. The Yukon Storage Shed is perfect for storing your big items such as cars, camping or pool equipment, gardening tools etc., and organising your outdoor life.

Brand:     Palram | Canopia


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The Yukon Garden Shed is perfect for storing your big items such as cars, camping or pool equipment, gardening tools etc., and organising your outdoor life. Made with Palram – Canopia’s virtually unbreakable polycarbonate and reinforced aluminium frame, the Yukon Shed will provide years of maintenance-free protection. Designed with your outdoor needs in mind, the Yukon Shed is maintenance free and 100% recyclable; can be easily installed as a lean-to shed or a standalone unit.

yukon polycarbonate

Polycarbonate Panels

• Virtually unbreakable, with an exceptionally high impact resistance and flexibility
• Provide complete UV blockage, and are 100% UV protected; they do not discolour, fracture or shatter
• Maintain their integrity and withstand extreme weather conditions for many years of use

yukon shed lockable doors

Lockable door

• Door latches for extra privacy and safety (lock not included)
yukon anchoring


• Secure the shed to the ground to make the most of your sturdy structure, increase its stability and improve its weather resistance

Please note: screws and plugs for anchoring to the ground are not supplied

yukon aluminium frame

Aluminium Frame

• Provides an extra-rigid structure for high durability and strength
base yukon shed

Galvanised steel Base

Includes galvanised steel perimeter base for additional stability and durability
Easy and simple DIY installation with sliding panels assembly system
Shed can be anchored on to solid surfaces such as wood, concrete or metal. Foundation required. (Not included)

SkyLight Roof , Let the SkyLight in!

Shingled roof panels transmit soft natural light while remaining externally opaque in appearance, provide 10% light transmission
Ideal for lawn tractors, mowers, personal watercrafts and garden equipment


  • WIND RESISTANCE  – 100km/hr | 62ml/hr
  • SNOW LOAD – 100kg/m² | 20.5lbs/ft²

*Floor NOT included


Yukon Storage Shed dimension 11x9
Yukon Storage Shed dimension 11x9 1
cm feet cm Inch cm Inch cm Inch cm Inch
WIDTH 332 10'11" 302 119.0 147.6 58.1 - - 307.3 121.0
LENGTH 271.0 8'11" 252 99.2 - - - - 257.0 101.2
HEIGHT 252.0 10'11" 243 119.0 178.0 70.1 181.1 71.3 - -
  • COVERING AREA = 9.0M2 / 96.8FT2
  • STORAGE AREA = 7.6M2 / 82.0FT2
  • PRODUCT VOLUME = 16.5M3 / 582.4FT3

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Feature/Shed Type Palram – Canopia SkyLight Shed Wood sheds Metal sheds
Frame Materials Aluminium and galvanised steel Wooden Metal
Covering type Polycarbonate panels Shingles-Breakable, needs treatment Thatch-Rots if exposed to rain Polyester-colour fading and rot over time Fiberglass-may cause health problems (sold separately) Polyester-colour fading and rot over time PVC-Not hail resistant Polycarbonate-hail resistant Aluminium-hail resistant
Light transmission SkyLight roof panels – transmit soft natural sunlight yet maintain opaque external visibility No light transmission No light transmission
UV resistant All panels are UV protected and provide complete UV blockage Special expensive coating is needed annually Colour fading overtime
Insulation Limited Depending upon wood’s quality No insulation, items may be exposed to extreme weather damages
Rot resistance Yes None, requires periodic special coating Yes
Rust resistance Yes Yes Galvanized, requires periodic special coating if damaged
Maintenance Maintenance free, can be simply rinsed with water Painting, rot treatment and sanding needed Painting and anti-rust treatment needed
Weather resistance Extreme weather resistant – No wear and tear Withstands low temperatures up to -210°F Withstands high temperatures up to 270°F Panels maintain their integrity, do not discolor, fracture or become brittle over time May crack from ice expansion Expands and deforms on extreme conditions May crack from ice expansion Absorbs heat, may cause burns and damage to stored items
Assembly Quick and simple DIY setup – Assembled with common household tools Usually requires professional setup Usually requires professional setup
Assembly Kit Fully equipped assembly kit provided None (sold separately) Fully equipped assembly kit provided
Floor Included anti slip floor (6′ Series only) No floor No floor. heavy condensation gathers on inner panels and roof results in mold and water dripping
Access ramp Heavy duty low profile easy access ramp for lawnmowers and wheelbarrows Eroding wood profiles No ramp
Eco friendly 100% recyclable and reusable Uprooting forests Harmful paints and materials pervade ground water
Warranty 10 Year Limited Usually 2 Year Varies
Packaging/transport Single, easily handled package Heavy truck delivery Heavy package


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