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Our garden shed kits for sale come in many sizes and styles and feature several versatile uses. At Tip Top Yards, we have a large selection of DIY garden and storage sheds.

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Garden Shed

We create all our garden sheds and garden shed kits with high quality and affordable prices in mind.
You can easily pick which shed kit style, and size best suits your needs and easily install your garden or storage shed anywhere on your property. We create our sheds for year-round usage, allowing them to withstand extreme weather conditions.

Multiple Storage Shed Purposes

Our storage and garden sheds allow for multiple storage purposes. Our bigger garden shed kits will enable you to store oversized items, power tools, camping equipment, garden and landscaping tools, pool equipment, etc.

Our Yukon Garden Shed is perfect for storing large items such as ride on lawn mowers, dirt bikes, and more.

In addition, we design our many shelter sheds for outdoor uses, making them virtually maintenance-free and 100% recyclable.

Use Our Shed Kits for Gardening

When doing extensive gardening, you'll need to take great care of your equipment. Our Rubicon Garden Shed is perfect for storing gardening equipment.

This DIY shed kit features a straightforward sliding panel assembly system and a sunlit skylight roof.

Our Garden Sheds Many Benefits

No matter what shed you're eyeing, you'll be happy to know that they offer multiple benefits that set them apart from your traditional metal and wooden garden sheds.

Polycarbonate Panels

Our shed kits include high-impact resistant, resilient polycarbonate panels. Their polycarbonate panels also provide total protection from UV rays meaning they won't discolour, break, or fracture. The polycarbonate panels are manufactured by Palram a leading manufacturer in its industry recognised world wide.

These features set them apart from your traditional wooden and metal sheds that become prone to discolouration and breakage.

Many shed owners will apply a unique, expensive coating to their wooden or metal sheds to prevent UV damage. However, our sheds remain 100% UV protected throughout their lifespans.

Durable Aluminium Frames

For extra protection, we make every shelter shed with a durable aluminium frame that provides different weather and impact resistance. In addition, our rust-resistant aluminium frames offer excellent stability and security from harsh weather.

Safety and Privacy

Whether your shed is on a farm way outside of town or on a busy street corner, safety and privacy always remain a top concern. Luckily, all our sheds are provided with a lockable doors for safety and security for your possessions.

Our shed kits come with a lockable door, increasing security and privacy. Additionally, most of our sheds include anti-slip floors, keeping you and your items safe.

Anchoring Kits

All our sheds feature anchoring kits allowing you to securely fasten your shed to surfaces like metal, wood, or concrete. Anchoring your shed also increases its weather resistance and stability.

Access Ramps

Our low-profile and heavy-duty access ramps allow you to easily store your lawnmowers, wheelbarrows, or recreational vehicles.

Ten-Year Limited Warranty

All our DIY shed kits come with at least ten-year limited warranty—a vast difference from your traditional metal and wooden shed kits that typically only feature a two-year warranty.

Our Four Types of Garden Sheds

We feature four main types of garden sheds:

Pent Garden Shed

Our Pent Garden Shed measures 4×6′ or 117x175 cm. This compact storage shed is ideal for storing items in your backyard, like pool equipment, bicycles, gardening tools, bins and more.

Along with sharing many of the same features as our other sheds, our Pent Garden Shed also includes:

  • A Skylight Roof for bringing in natural lighting through the day
  • Front and back vents for providing optimal ventilation

Rubicon Garden Shed

Our Rubicon Garden Shed comes in two sizes: 6 x 5’ (175 x 152cm) and 6 x 8’ (175 x 227cm). This grey and extremely weather-resistant garden shed is perfect for many storage purposes.

Its durable material resists fungi, termites, sagging, bowing, freezing weather, and wind resistance of 100km per hour. Like the Pent Garden Shed, the Rubicon features a sunlit sky roof.

SkyLight Garden Shed

Our SkyLight Garden Shed is available in both 6 x 3’ (185 x 90cm) and 6 x 5’ (185 x 150cm).

We make these sheds with all your outdoor purposes in mind, and its durable material resists peeling, rotting, rusting, and harsh weather. Our SkyLight Garden Shed features front and back vents.

Yukon Garden Shed

Lastly, our Yukon Garden Shed (11 x 9' or 332 x 271cm) is perfect when you need to store oversized items like all your camping, gardening, pool equipment, or even recreational vehicles. This shed features a SkyLight Roof and a galvanised steel base.

Call Tip Top Yards Today

Tip Top Yards proudly offers many DIY garden and shelter sheds perfect for all your outdoor needs. Tip Top Yards is the name to turn to whether you need to store some extra gardening equipment or need space for your recreational vehicles.

Give Tip Top Yards a call at 02 8079 5838 and learn more about our DIY shed kits!