Polycarbonate Polymer

The Tough & Transparent Polymer

Polycarbonate stands for a group of thermoplastic polymers containing carbonate groups
in their chemical structures. It earned its “Transparent steel” nickname from its unique
combination of properties. Polycarbonate’s very high impact resistance renders it
virtually unbreakable. It is lightweight and can have a glass-like appearance, without
its associated dangers. These characteristics allow Polycarbonate to be widely used
in applications such as bullet resistant glazing and jet fighter canopies. They also make
Polycarbonate an excellent material for greenhouse glazing due to its high light
transmission and weather resistance, even at a low thickness.


Long Term Durability Depends on Quality & Production

Polycarbonate blocks up to 100% of harmful UV radiation, making it an extremely
effective shield for people as well as for plants. This characteristic depends upon the
material’s adequate production in order to maintain its integrity for long service.
Panels with too thin or no co-extruded protective layer may look perfect to the naked
eye, but will discolor, deteriorate and become brittle over a relatively short period of time.

Palram has been manufacturing quality panels since 1967, and Polycarbonate panels
specifically since 1986. Palram’s Polycarbonate panels portray the material’s advantages
to their fullest, withstanding harsh weather conditions and offering many years of
maintenance free use.

Why Polycarbonate tough


Symptoms of Poor UV Protection

Without sufficient protection from UV radiation, Polycarbonate panels will become
yellow and brittle, making them unable to withstand hail or even lighter impact.
The photos below show 2 twin-wall polycarbonate panels following an accelerated
weathering test – 2 year’s worth of UV exposure. The Palram panel shows no sign
of yellowing, whereas the other has considerable yellowing and haze.

Why Polycarbonate don't fade


Competitor’s Gazebo – Hail Storm Damage After Long UV Exposure

Hail Storm Damage to a Competitor's Gazebo: Poorly UV protected Polycarbonate panels become brittle after 2 years or more in the sun and become unable to withstand high impact.
Hail Storm Damage to a Competitor’s Gazebo: Poorly UV protected Polycarbonate panels become brittle after 2 years or more in the sun and become unable to withstand high impact.

Price-Depended Quality

High grade raw matierials, experienced workforce, quality control, up-to-date production
facilities and technology knowhow are all required to ensure the quality of Polycarbonate
panels. These factors have an inevitable baring on the product’s price.
When looking for a greenhouse, gazebo, carport or any other commodity that includes
Polycarbonate panels, bare in mind that cutting down costs will have an effect on the
product’s service time and functionality.

Seek the Mark of Quality

When reviewing Polycarbonate greenhouses, in order to be certain it can serve you well
for over 2 years it is essential to pay attention to the manufacturer’s reputation
and the Polycarbonate panels’ specifications. Palram products are backed up
by a manufacturer’s warranty and also by the vote of confidence from many customers
across decades of use.



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