Feria 3 Pergola / Verandah / Patio-Cover

Enhance your outdoor experience year-round with an aesthetic, multi-purpose roofing solution

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Feria 3 patio cover enjoy your outdoors year-round in a stylishly crafted and sturdy addition to your outside living space. Partake of family get-togethers and cookouts without fearing the fickle weather will ruin your fun. The Feria is an aesthetic, multi-purpose, maintenance free roofing solution allowing for various outdoor uses such as a pergola, carport, sun lounge etc. It was designed to be simply assembled by 2 people; it requires no experience, no special skills and no special tools. The Feria provides your family with an elegant, sturdy and rust-free retreat for years to come.

feria 4 polycarbonate panels

Polycarbonate Panels

• Virtually unbreakable 8 mm multiwall polycarbonate roof panels offer high impact, shatter resistance and protection from inclement weather
• Maintain their integrity, provide complete UV blockage, and are 100% UV protected; they do not discolor, fracture or become brittle over time
• Ready to assemble pre-cut panels
• Click N’ lock roof connector system allows a safe, quick and easy assembly; it locks the glazing between the structure rods, preventing water from seeping in

tuscany patio cover

Aluminium Structure

• Rust-resistant powder-coated frame made of heavy duty aluminium and laser cut galvanised steel connectors
• Ready to assemble pre-drilled profiles

tuscany patio cover

Adjustable and flexible fixing method

• The Feria is a high performance structure, with flexible positioning poles enabling you to set your required height at the wall connection, the distance from the house and between the poles at the front.
• Wall mounting plate is adjustable to meet your desired height between 260-305 cm (102.4 in. – 120 in.); allowing a flexible positioning of the roof slope (-13˚ – + 17˚) enabling snow and rain to slide off (A)
• Adjustable poles allow for ideal positioning: left to right 0-54 cm (0 in. – 21.3 in.) and front to back 226-286 cm (89 in. – 112.6 in.) (B + C)

tuscany anchoring


• Anchoring included – Secure the patio cover to the surface of your choosing to make the most of your sturdy structure, increase its stability and improve its weather resistance
• Sturdy 8×4 cm (3.15 in. x 1.57 in.) aluminum poles

tuscany gutters

Gutter & gutter heads

• Integrated gutter and adjustable gutter heads allow you to easily channel and collect rainwater for a sustainable irrigation system


Feria 3 295x305cm
Feria 3 295x305cm eleveation


Feria 3 295x425cm
Feria 3 295x425cm


Feria 3 295x546cm
Feria 3 295x546cm elevation


Feria 3 295x610cm


Feria 3 295x730cm


Feria 3 295x850cm


Feria 3 295x971cm

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Feature / Patio Cover Type Palram – Canopia Patio Cover Wooden Patio Cover Metal Patio Cover
Frame Materials Heavy duty, corrosion resistant Aluminium and galvanised steel Wood Steel
Covering Type twin-wall or multi-wall Polycarbonate roof panels Usually sold separately Usually sold with the following cover options: PVC – Not hail resistant / Tin roof – May dent / Fiberglass – May cause health problems / Aluminum – Hail resistant
Light Transmission Panels transmit diffused sunlight yet offer shade No light transmission (only with fiberglass) No light transmission (only with Polycarbonate)
UV Resistance All UV resistant – 100% UV protected non yellowing panels and powder coated Aluminium frame Special expensive coating is needed annually Depend upon powder coating quality
Weather Resistance Extreme weather resistant – No wear and tear Withstands low temperatures up to -210°F / Withstands high temperatures up to 270°F Needs periodic treatments Needs periodic treatments
Rot Resistance Yes None, requires periodic special coating / treatment Yes
Drainage Integrated gutter and adjustable gutter heads None (may be sold separately) None (may be sold separately)
Maintenance Maintenance free, rinse with water Requires regular maintenance such as painting, rot treatments, sanding etc. Requires regular maintenance such as painting and anti-rust treatment, corrosion and rust appear over time
Assembly Quick and simple DIY setup – Assembled with common household tools Usually requires professional setup Usually requires professional setup
Assembly Kit Fully equipped assembly kit provided – Anchoring and foot-pads Kit along with all screws and bolts None (sold separately) Usually a fully equipped assembly kit is provided
Eco Friendly 100% recyclable and reusable Uprooting forests Harmful paints and materials pervade ground water
Warranty 10 year Varies Varies
Packaging / Transport Compact & efficient packaging, to be transported in your own pickup Usually a heavy truck delivery Usually a heavy truck delivery

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  1. Anonymous

    Verified reviewVerified review - view originalExternal link | auNew South Wales, Australia

    very good product

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  2. Hugh Dornan

    Verified reviewVerified review - view originalExternal link | auAustralia


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    • Tip Top Yards

      Thanks for your review👍

  3. Prasanna Abeysiri

    Verified reviewVerified review - view originalExternal link | auAustralia

    Really happy with the product. Real value for money.

    Was this review helpful to you?
  4. rebecca burnett-smith

    Verified reviewVerified review - view originalExternal link | auNew South Wales, Australia

    Comment :

    It fit the space exactly. It was high quality and well priced

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  5. Tim Coates

    I am very happy with your product. The attraction for for me was the fact that it was adjustable as I had constraints about where I wanted it to fit. The adjustment of the posts both sideways and depth wise were enough that I thought I could fit it in my available space (I’ve worked as an Aeronautical Engineer all my life so I figured I could “make it fit” given the dimensions available). I had no problems erecting the structure. The hardest job was drilling the holes through the brick pavers into the concrete slab beneath, but that is not related to to the product.
    The quality is excellent, and the value is good. Bunnings stock this item for ~$1500 but only in white (sigh ;) ), and I wanted grey. I found 4 websites selling this, but for three of them it was either out of stock or discontinued. Such is the limited choice in Australia due to the small market. Your website advised to call first to check stock, which I did, and you had two left, one of which I bought.
    The only problem I had was with the roof panels. I followed the diagrams in the installation instructions initially and had problems with the end panels which kept “popping up” at the outer corners. I then reread the installation instructions (as an engineer does), which said to start installing the roof panels from the middle (different to the diagrams). I then took off all the roof panels and installed them again from the middle outwards. I still ended up with a problem of a panel “popping up” at one front corner. I manufactured a packer and played with the fastening of the beam that the roof panel connected to, and it has been OK for a few weeks now. The problem (the engineer in me is speaking here) is that as more roof panels are added, they are ‘tensioned’ and apply greater tension to adjacent panels. This induces the roof beams that they connect to to twist, which results in the formed edges of the roof panels being unable to clip into the top of the beams properly.
    I am fortunate in having an engineering background which enables me to solve problems I come across, but I suspect the average handyman would struggle a bit with this product.
    All that said, I’m very happy with the product. It’s just what I wanted.

    3 out of 3 people found this helpful. Was this review helpful to you?
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